Rittenhouse Sentinel

Rittenhouse Sentinel Model 365 The Sentinel leveraged the design work of Norman Bel Geddes for the 2nd Generation Beverly Musical Chime. Described in a 1950s Rittenhouse Catalog: The Sentinel  – High style and performance at a moderate price. This model is available either with … Continue reading

Rittenhouse 330-1 Gem

Rittenhouse 330-1 Gem This mid-century resonator door chime features a unique welded iron frame surrounding the resonator chambers and an anodized aluminum grille. Described in the 1960 Rittenhouse Catalog: 330 – GEM – Strikingly different chime in wrought iron and … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Resonator 265

Rittenhouse Resonator 265 This Rittenhouse Resonator chime may have been made by Rittenhouse for their Cleartone economy brand or as a private labeled product for a retailer. The cover is not branded with Rittenhouse although the mechanism is so marked. … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Tulip

Rittenhouse Tulip Model 285 This Rittenhouse Tulip chime is painted with a stenciled floral design. The Tulip had the lowest price point of any resonator chime at the time. It was also one of the last metal covers in the … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Williamsburg

Rittenhouse Williamsburg Model 630, 631,632,633 and C8633 The Williamsburg succeeded the Concord as the flagship clock-chime from Rittenhouse in 1955. While the Concord was relatively short-lived, the Williamsburg proved far more successful and continued as a top of the line … Continue reading