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The Doorbell Museum

On these pages you will find interesting information about doorbells and door chimes. Check back as I put up new exhibits and content.

DollhouseChimes640Doorbells in Miniature: Operating and Decorative Dollhouse Doorbells

DeValera Long Bell DetailUnique engraved bells on this stylish  vintage DeValera Long Bell doorbell.

A mechanical doorbell operated by dogsA doorbell for your dog? Or a buzzer that thinks it’s a chime?

How about a pneumatic door chime? Check out the doorbell curiosities.

Vintage Mell-O-Chime Bakelite Doorbell shaped and paintedThis Bakelite doorbell case had fallen on hard times. Literally. See how the doorbell museum restored this handsome late 1940s door chime to it’s original glory.

Door Bell Definition Do you have a doorbell, a door bell or a door chime? Learn about the terminology used to describe signaling devices to let you know somebody is calling.

Sears Door Chime and Door Bell HistoryThe pages of the Sears Roebuck catalogs of the late 19th and 20th Century provide a vertical history of doorbells and door chimes.  Learn the fascinating history of America’s largest 20th century purveyor of doorbells.

Nutone Brochure 1937 Door Bell is Noise Enemy No 1Door Bell Noise is Public Enemy No. 1? Learn about door bell nerves and other peculiar maladies that helped to popularize door chimes in the 1930s.

7 thoughts on “The Doorbell Museum”

  1. Hello,

    I discovered your page thanks to the Gastropod podcast.
    Amazing collection, especially the long tube chimes: they sound is so majestic! Love it

  2. I am thinking more and more that a permanent door chime museum would be desirable, especially after seeing those long tube chimes made by Telachime and Deagan on youtube. In 1955 or so I saw such a nice Nutone display in a department store showing all their models. They made so many nice models at that time.

  3. Such great info. I found your page while researching the snapit single tone door bell that was in the home I purchased. The bell looked original from 1963 when the home was built. While remodeling I have since cleaned it up and will continue to use it. Love the nostalgia of such simple yet well built products of the era.

  4. My goddaughter Abigail has always loved doorbells. I was doing some research to see if there was a doorbell fan club. And I found this. She is so happy. Thank you:)
    -Rohan Sengupta, MD

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