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Friedland Door Chime Radio Commercial

Australian Radio Commercial for Friedland Door Chimes 1964

Radio Commercial Record for Friedland Door Chimes 1965

Radio Commercial Record for Friedland Door Chimes. Australia, 1964

(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
(Woman singing) Welcome. That’s the cheerful way, the friendly way, to welcome your guests every day, with the happy sound of a Friedland Door Chime.
(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
(Man speaking) Give a Christmas Gift that keeps on giving all year round. Give a musical welcome to guests. Give a Friedland Battery or Electric Door Chime. Priced from 44 Schillings.
(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
(Woman singing) Welcome.
(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
—1964 Australian radio commercial

This advertisement was familiar to Australian Radio listeners in late 1964. This almost certainly was to spur demand for Friedland’s then new line of stylish mid-century door chimes. Friedland Chimes of this era were manufactured by V&E Friedland Limited of England and distributed worldwide.

The catalog pages shown below are from a 1965 Friedland catalog and feature resonator and compact chimes including a minimalist version of the Warbler.

Vinyl records were commonly distributed to radio stations where the DJ or announcer would play them as paid advertising.

ManufacturerRecording: NaTec Sound Studios for Roger Enemark Agency
Chimes: Friedland
Location of ManufacturerAdvertisement: Sydney, Australia (possibly recorded in England)
Chimes: Stockport, Cheshire, England
Date of Manufacture1964
MaterialsRecord: Vinyl with Paper label
Chimes: Various
Dimensions/specificationsRecord; 6 3/4 inches in diameter. 45 rpm. 25 seconds long
Chimes: various
DetailsElectraChime Collection.
Talent attributed to Canvin & Coles.