Australian Radio Commercial for Friedland Door Chimes 1964

Radio Commercial Record for Friedland Door Chimes 1965

Radio Commercial Record for Friedland Door Chimes. Australia, 1964

(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
(Woman singing) Welcome. That’s the cheerful way, the friendly way, to welcome your guests every day, with the happy sound of a Friedland Door Chime.
(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
(Man speaking) Give a Christmas Gift that keeps on giving all year round. Give a musical welcome to guests. Give a Friedland Battery or Electric Door Chime. Priced from 44 Schillings.
(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
(Woman singing) Welcome.
(Chime sound) “Ding-Dong”
—1964 Australian radio commercial

This advertisement was familiar to Australian Radio listeners in late 1964. This almost certainly was to spur demand for Friedland’s then new line of stylish mid-century door chimes. Friedland Chimes of this era were manufactured by V&E Friedland Limited of England and distributed worldwide.

The catalog pages shown below are from a 1965 Friedland catalog and feature resonator and compact chimes including a minimalist version of the Warbler.

Vinyl records were commonly distributed to radio stations where the DJ or announcer would play them as paid advertising.

ManufacturerRecording: NaTec Sound Studios for Roger Enemark Agency
Chimes: Friedland
Location of ManufacturerAdvertisement: Sydney, Australia (possibly recorded in England)
Chimes: Stockport, Cheshire, England
Date of Manufacture1964
MaterialsRecord: Vinyl with Paper label
Chimes: Various
Dimensions/specificationsRecord; 6 3/4 inches in diameter. 45 rpm. 25 seconds long
Chimes: various
DetailsElectraChime Collection.
Talent attributed to Canvin & Coles.