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Rittenhouse Beverly 3rd Generation

Rittenhouse Beverly 1950 Model 520

Rittenhouse Beverly 1950 Musical Resonator Chime

Rittenhouse Beverly 2nd Generation ~1950

This 3nd Generation Beverly Chime was styled by Norman Bel Geddes in 1943 and introduced in 1949. It replaced a the 2nd Generation Beverly Chime that featured a cover like the Russel Wright designed Devon. Like the 1st Generation Beverly, this chime uses a Rhythm-Master sequencer, now revised in an oval shaped casing.

Described in an early 1950s  Rittenhouse Catalog:

Beverly Model – The highly popular model is ideally suited for those people who prefer a chime which takes up less space than the long-tube model. It has a beautifully rich resonant tone, a melody of either 3 or 4 notes. A simple link attachment makes it possible to install the chime to play either a 4-note melody or a shorter 3-note sequence if the owner prefers. The Rittenhouse volume control permits adjusting the tone to any desired level. A shut-off switch also makes it possible to completely turn off the unit if for any reason you do not wish to be disturbed. The rich, ivory plastic housing and the graceful brushed brass tubes combine to provide a beautiful design that is in good taste in any home.

As envisioned by Norman Bel Geddes, the Beverly would have had some space between the resonator chambers however production models had the chambers all but touching each other.

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