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Air Powered Doorbell

Air Powered Non Electric Door Bell

This is actually a pretty good idea that never caught on. A mechanical doorbell that can be triggered remotely with a button that requires no electricity and no batteries. This doorbell is powered by a small bellows at the button that pushes compressed air to a second bellows in the signalling device to produce a ding-dong on two tone bars. Really clever.

Manufactured in Hong Kong in approximately the mid 1970s. The box and instructions are printed in French and English.

Illustrations on the back of the box have these charming descriptions.

  • Saving energy. We can save the electrical expense in a family by using no electricity
  • It is still at work while shorting. It will not be affected by short, as to lose the ring-bell efficacy
  • Audio-Design. It is adopted from the pianomusic (sic) with beautiful and graceful sound.
  • Avoiding the trouble in shock. It will not be bothering by shock in the rainy and wet weather
  • Installing it easily and simply. At the back side of the musical bell there is a paper sticker, we can install it by ourselves without sending for electrician
  • Noble and graceful wall-decoration design. Being designed beautifully when we decoratre it in our living-room, and it is noble and graceful style
  • Lasting use. It can not easily burn out as the generak electric ring0bell dose (sic), through using no electricity, and it can be constantly used.
  • Avoiding electrical dangers and damage. Using the electricity of household electric products, the wire easily catches fire. In this bad condition “Nonelectric Musical Bell” can make up the weakness.

Unfortunately, the execution leaves a little to be desired as the volume and tone of this chime are poor compared to conventional mechanical or electric door chimes. Still it was a noble idea.

Location of ManufacturerHong Kong
Date of ManufactureApproximately 1975 (there is no UPS label)
MaterialsPlastic housing, simulated wood grain cover, vinyl pneumatics, iron tone bars.
Dimensions4 inches wide, 6 inches tall, 1 1/2 inches deep