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Doggy Doorbell

 Doggy Doorbell

Your dog should be able to announce her presence at your door with the same dignity as any other caller.  This doorbell was patented by Fred Adams as “An Animal Alarm Scratching Device” yet marketed specifically as a “Doggy Doorbell.”  The patent made the following claims:

This invention relates to alarms, particularly of a type which serves a dual purpose of utilizing an animal scratching board to sound the alarm. Most of the conventional devices provided for animals to sharpen their claws have been those designed to localize this habit of animals. Although the subject device has the same objective, it is appreciated that this facility for animals could be combined with an additional useful construction disclosed herein. It is an object then, of this invention to provide a scratching medium to be applied to a door or entrance. A further object is to combine this device with other constructions so an alarm or sound is created to notify the occupants of the house, dependent upon the location of the device.A still further object is to provide a device that is sturdy but may be freely operated by the animal to sound an alarm.

The W.L. Mitchell company were much clearer with the claims made on the box:

  • No wiring
  • No Batteries
  • Lets you know when your Dog wants in or out.
  • Saves your door from being marred or scratched.
ManufacturerW. L. Mitchell Enterprises, Inc.
Location of ManufacturerNashville, Tennessee
Date of ManufactureEstimated 1954 (Patented 1953)
MaterialsStamped steel, Painted Steel. Nickel plated brass bell.
Dimensions3 inches wide, 13 inches tall, 3 inches deep