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Rittenhouse Sentinel

Rittenhouse Sentinel Model 365

Rittenhouse Sentinel Resonator Door Chime

Rittenhouse Sentinel Door Chime ~1949

The Sentinel leveraged the design work of Norman Bel Geddes for the 2nd Generation Beverly Musical Chime.

Described in a 1950s Rittenhouse Catalog:

The Sentinel  – High style and performance at a moderate price. This model is available either with 3 tubes or with 2 tubes. Both models sound two rich, resonant tones fro the front door and a single-note for the rear door. Ivory plastic housing with gold finished decorative motif. Tube finish, brushed brass. Has Rittenhouse “Floating Percussion” mechanism which insures quiet, long-life operation.

In order to achieve the moderate price point, the Sentinel has brass-plated steel resonators instead of the solid brass used on the Beverly. Notably, the Sentinel has a decorative center resonator tube.

A later iteration of this chime with two resonators features a stylized eagle in place of the lyre and are known as the Rittenhouse Newport model 314.

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