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Rittenhouse Tulip

Rittenhouse Tulip Model 285

Rittenhouse Tulip Resonator Door Chime Model 285

Rittenhouse Tulip

This Rittenhouse Tulip chime is painted with a stenciled floral design. The Tulip had the lowest price point of any resonator chime at the time. It was also one of the last metal covers in the Rittenhouse line.

A 1949 Rittenhouse price list describes the chime:

A gay new chime… Authentic, colorful Pennsylvania Dutch design… sounds two melodious notes for the front door, a single-note for the rear door. Easily installed on regular doorbell wiring and transformer. Available with ivory, red, or green tubes; face of chime is ivory embellished with yellow, green and red design.

Red resonators, as shown in this example seem to have been most common.

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