NuTone NU-195 Compact

NuTone NU-195 Drape NuTone’s early bar-chime models extended the “Drape” ornamentation employed on Resonator and Long Bell Door Chimes to a compact two-note model. From the 1941 Catalog: Bar Chime Models Decorative grille top and bottom—separately tuned resonators for each … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Tulip

Rittenhouse Tulip Model 285 This Rittenhouse Tulip chime is painted with a stenciled floral design. The Tulip had the lowest price point of any resonator chime at the time. It was also one of the last metal covers in the … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Williamsburg

Rittenhouse Williamsburg Model 630, 631,632,633 and C8633 The Williamsburg succeeded the Concord as the flagship clock-chime from Rittenhouse in 1955. While the Concord was relatively short-lived, the Williamsburg proved far more successful and continued as a top of the line … Continue reading

Mello-Chime Model F (original) 1936

Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe 1936 This is a second example of the Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe chime in the museum.  This one is in excellent condition with it’s original finish and decals. More often than not, vintage long … Continue reading

1957 Blue Resonator

1957 Blue Resonator This chime dates to June of 1957. Although there are no maker’s marks, it is purported to be marketed by Madison. The inspection mark is identical to those found on Edwards chimes of the 1950s and the … Continue reading

Leader by Edwards

Leader by Edwards 534 This modestly styled chime was part of Edwards‘ Leader Line of Chimes. This chime rings two notes for the front door and a single note for a second door. Available with a Bronze painted shield as … Continue reading

C.Vincent Mell-O-Chime Tubular Doorbell

C. Vincent Mell-o-Chime The C. Vincent Mell-O-Chime features a medievel style. This chime is as found, although the cover most likely sported a two tone bronze and brass painted finish. Marked “Mell-O-Chime” and “Mfg. by C.Vincent Alameda” This chime is … Continue reading

Carltone Longbell Door Chime

Carltone Longbell Door Chime This longbell door chime from the Carlton Manufacturing Company features a distinctive catalin plastic cover and a painted steel crown. It shares many design elements with the Carltone Resonator and was indeed simultaneously filed for patent. … Continue reading