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Mello-Chime Model F (original) 1936

Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe 1936

Mello-Chime Model F Long Bell Door Chime Original

Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe ~ 1936

This is a second example of the Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe chime in the museum.  This one is in excellent condition with it’s original finish and decals.

More often than not, vintage long bell chimes suffer from the indignity of paint slopped on the mechanism, bells and cover. Often the cover is painted in an attempt to “improve” or modernize its appearance. This example wears its age well with a nice patina and only a couple of minor flaws to be expected from many years of service.

The treble clef and musical notes are common adornments to vintage door chimes. This example maintains its original red and gold decals presenting both.