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NuTone NU-195 Compact

NuTone NU-195 Drape

NuTone NU-195 Drape Bar Chime

NuTone NU-195 ~1939

NuTone’s early bar-chime models extended the “Drape” ornamentation employed on Resonator and Long Bell Door Chimes to a compact two-note model.

From the 1941 Catalog:

Bar Chime Models
Decorative grille top and bottom—separately tuned resonators for each of the two chime bars—an exclusive NuTone feature. Specially treated tone bars, concealed within the cover. No other manufacturer uses such costly the chime bars—treated for better tone with our developed formula. Attach to regular bell wiring. Operates on ordinary 8-10 volt transformer or dry cell batteries. (Transformer not packed with chime.)

The “exclusive tuning” highlights that both tone-bars are the same length, achieving different notes with different gauge metal. All known similar chimes use tone-bars of different lengths to produce different notes.

NuTone’s 195 Bar Chimes use “Tin Can” style resonators. The NU-195 services one door with two notes, while the NU-295 rings two notes for the front door and a single note for the rear door. Both models were available with an Ivory or Bronze crinkle-painted finish.

NuTone’s Bar Chimes use “Tin Can” style resonators.

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