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Mello-Chime Melody Deluxe and Jewel

Mello-Chime Jewell 211 Door Chime

Mello-Chime Melody Deluxe later Jewel Compact Door Chime.

Mello-Chime Melody Deluxe / Jewel 1941

This Mello-Chime chime features shaped tone bars to complement the curves of the Streamline-Moderne style cover. The cover is an ivory painted bakelite. Originally introduced as the Melody Deluxe in 1941, later iterations were marketed as the Jewel. The Melody Deluxe was also available in “Snow White and French Gold” along with a “Walnut Grain.” Economy models were offered simultaneously without the gold highlights. In 1941 the economy model was the “Economy Melody” and later simply called the “Melody.” Early models were available with two-door or single-door facilities.

The 1941 Mello-Chime catalog describes the Melody-Deluxe:

All plastic model—the cover smartly designed and molded with “Plascon” plastic wiped in with French Gold with sound bars to match. The back plate is molded to fit accurately and engineered for the richest tone quality. The tone bars being outside the resonance chamber gives more tone volume than the closed bar types.

An ideal chime for small homes or kitchens. Operates on present doorbell wiring.

Manufacturer Mello-Chime & Signal Co. Inc.
Location of Manufacture New York, New York and later, Chicago, Illinois
Date of Manufacture Introduced 1941. Museum example from 1947
Cover Ivory and Gold Finished bakelite cover
Mechanism Bakelite
Tone bars Gold finished steel.
Height 7 inches
Width 5 inches
Depth 2 1/4 inches
Notes ElectraChime Collection. Unused original condition.
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