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Rittenhouse Master Model E-15 Extension Chime

Rittenhouse Master Model E-15 Extension Chime

Rittenhouse E15 Master Model Extension Chime ~1956

Rittenhouse E15 Extension Chime ~1956

The Rittenhouse Master Model Extension Chimes are designed to provide an additional call for remote areas or large homes or offices. When wired to a Rittenhouse Master Controller, they ring four consecutive notes on their single tone bars. While not marketed as such, these extension chimes may be used on their own as single note chimes with conventional wiring.

From the instructions:

These chimes have been designed mainly for use as extension chimes with Rittenhouse 4 and 8 note Master Chimes. They are intended for installation in kitchens, bedrooms, basement workshops, etc.) wherever a small extension chime is needed to insure having a door signal that you will always be able to hear.

Mutiple Extension Chimes can be wired for larger spaces. Further from the instructions:

Two extension chimes can be operated from the same No. 42 transformer that operates any Rittenhouse 4 or 8 note chime. Where multiple extension chimes are desired, add a second No. 42 transformer. This will accommodate up to five extension chimes, plus the Master Chime.

The E-15 is extremely well made with a minimalist mid-century style. The case is cast metal with a remarkbly convincing painted walnut grain. The Rittenhouse branding is molded in. A brass grill on the bottom emphasizes the acoustic purpose of the unit. Two “tin can” resonators are concealed along with the single gravity returned solenoid. The solenoid features the Rittenhouse Lifetime Floating Strikers.

The video below shows how the E15 Extension chime harmonizes with a Rittenhouse Prelude 550 Master Model Westminster Door Chime

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