Mello-Chime Model F (original) 1936

Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe 1936 This is a second example of the Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe chime in the museum.  This one is in excellent condition with it’s original finish and decals. More often than not, vintage long … Continue reading

Mello-Chime Model F De luxe

 Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe This Mello-Chime is closely related to the Rittenhouse PO-2. The stamped metal cover and brass adornments are identical and the mechanism shares many parts. Both companies had contemporary headquarters in New York State. Most tellingly, … Continue reading

Pryanco Peacock Model 303

Pryanco Peacock 303 with Model 303 Mechanism This Pryanco Model 303 with a Peacock Cover dates to the earliest days of musical long-bell door chimes. The 303 mechanism employed here plays the Westminster Peal on three tubes. While not possible … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Concord Model 612

Rittenhouse Concord with Model 612 Mechanism The Rittenhouse Concord was a musical doorbell chime clock styled for a mid-century aesthetic. Marketed from approximately 1954 to 1957, the Concord was relatively short-lived. The Concord was succeeded by the Rittenhouse Trent. Nonetheless, … Continue reading