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Mello-Chime Model F De luxe

 Mello-Chime Model F De Luxe

Mello-Chime Model F Long Bell Door Chime

Mello-Chime Model F Deluxe ~1936

This Mello-Chime is closely related to the Rittenhouse PO-2. The stamped metal cover and brass adornments are identical and the mechanism shares many parts. Both companies had contemporary headquarters in New York State. Most tellingly, the instruction label shares the exact same wiring diagram.

This evidence points to a common factory, or at least design, for the Mell-Chime Model F and the Rittenhouse PO-2. What isn’t obvious is whether the design was created by Mello-Chime or Rittenhouse.

The Model F rings two notes for a front door. A two door adaptor on the label:

The Model F as constructed serves only the front door with two alternate notes. If it is desired to include the rear door or dinner service with a single note, the Two Door Adaptor is available for an additional charge of $1.00

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