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Friedland Cathedral Model 300/98

Friedland Cathedral Model 300/98

Friedland Cathedral Log Bell Door Chime Model 300/98  ~1955

Friedland Cathedral Door Chime ~ 1955

The V.E. Friedland Cathedral door chime features a bent plywood case with mahogany veneer. Introduced in the mid 1950s, this was a top of the line long bell door chime in the Friedland line.

The 1955 product catalog described the Cathedral:

A luxury chime with a polished natural wood cover and burnished metal motif. Extra long satin brass tubes to give richer tone. Double note for front door, single note for rear. Fitted with enclosed, dust-proof trouble-free two-coil movement.

The mechanism is similar in construction and most likely a licensed version of the NuTone Double Acting Solenoid.

Friedland was an intrepid and successful exporter of door chimes. In addition to traditional British Commonwealth realms like Australia and Canada, Friedland explored other markets including the Soviet Union.

In 1961, Britain and the Soviet Union held reciprocal trade expositions to showcase their wares. Friedland was one of 677 British Exporters at the Moscow Exposition, famously visited by Nikita and Nina Khrushchev. The entire Friedland Catalog was translated for the Moscow show. It is unknown whether any Soviet Door Chimes were exhibited at the London show.

3 thoughts on “Friedland Cathedral Model 300/98”

  1. I have just fitted one of these which is totally original from my wife’s grandmas house, the sound is amazing & very loud

    1. Hi Dave
      I have just been looking on the internet to find out how to get our doorbell working. We loved our doorbell and our grandchildren used to que up to ring it because the chimes are great. We have only removed the brass poles and cover as we have been decorating in the hallway. Now we have put them back the bell will not chime. Would you have any suggestion as to how we can get it working again?.
      We moved in to our bungalow 12 years ago and completely renovated it. One of the best original features was the 1950’s doorbell. My husband and I are gutted that it will not work now. Could you please suggest anything?.

      Thank you.

      Sue and Dave Blades

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