Rittenhouse Beverly-1972

Rittenhouse “Traditional” Beverly Door Chime Model C8536 circa 1972 This is perhaps the most successful of the Rittenhouse Beverly models. The chime shares a cover with the 1972 Fairfax The cover shows distinct Mediterranean Revival style, and in fact was … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Beverly

Rittenhouse Beverly Here is the original Rittenhouse Beverly musical door chime.  This chime employs an electrical timing mechanism invented by Lloyd Rittenhouse in 1940. The Beverly incorporated tone bars entirely encased by their resonator tubes, a patented innovation of Rittenhouse.  … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Sentinel

Rittenhouse Sentinel Model 365 The Sentinel leveraged the design work of Norman Bel Geddes for the 2nd Generation Beverly Musical Chime. Described in a 1950s Rittenhouse Catalog: The Sentinel  – High style and performance at a moderate price. This model is available either with … Continue reading

Pryanco Peacock

Pryanco Peacock Longbell Door Chime 305 This spectacular Pryanco chime is named for twin peacocks cast in aluminum on the cover. This chime was manufactured by the Pryanco Electrical Specialties division of Pryne & Co of Los Angeles, California. Pryne was a … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Rhythm Master

Rittenhouse Rhythm Master Sequencer The Rittenhouse Rhythm Master Sequencer is an electrical timing mechanism invented by Lloyd Rittenhouse in 1940. When the doorbell button is engaged, a single solenoid is activated which lowers an eccentric contact attached to the solenoid … Continue reading

Mystery Musical Door Chime

Mystery Musical Door Chime with Unique Mechanism. At first glance, this vintage doorbell is rather unremarkable. However, when you look at the mechanism, there is a sequencer unit underneath a metal dust cover. Underneath that housing is a unique sequencer … Continue reading

Nutone Dinner Chime

Nutone “Chimette” Table Dinner Chimes Dinner chimes were a forerunner and contemporary of door chimes, and are still in use today. They were commonly used on railroads to announce the availability of table service on dining cars. This example is … Continue reading