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Rittenhouse Devon 310 Russel Wright Autograph Series.

Rittenhouse Devon 310 designed by Russel Wright

Rittenhouse Devon 310 Door Chime ~ 1941

The Rittenhouse 310 door chime was designed by Russel Wright for the Autograph Series and briefly marketed before the United States entered World War Two. As with others in the series, the Russel Wright Name was molded into the chime. The 1941 Rittenhouse Catalog describes the Series:

THE AUTOGRAPH SERIES BY RUSSEL WRIGHT—The Autograph Series of Rittenhouse Door Chimes comprises a group of models in strikingly new and original designs, by a man who knows what the public wants in the articles it buys for its homes. Mr. Wright has been notably successful in creating very unusual effects without sacrificing any practical element so essential to user satisfaction.

The 310 was furnished with an Ivory case with two brass resonators while the 310-B had a walnut colored case. A Bevery multi-note resonator chime was also offered with the same covers.

The original box indicates this chime was advertised in Good Housekeeping magazine. Note the early Good Housekeeping Seal.