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Pryanco Peacock

Pryanco Peacock Longbell Door Chime 305

Pryanco Peacock Vintage Longbell Door Chime
This spectacular Pryanco chime is named for twin peacocks cast in aluminum on the cover. This chime was manufactured by the Pryanco Electrical Specialties division of Pryne & Co of Los Angeles, California.

Pryne was a major player in the door chime business, particularly in California. Pryne was acquired by Rittenhouse, in the 1950s.

The 303, 304 and 305 series mechanisms were all motor driven multi-note door chimes and are particularly well made. The 303 played on three bells, while the 304 and 305 played on four bells. The 304 played a four note Westminster melody while the 305 played the eight note sequence.

Two cast Aluminum covers were available for this series including the cast Peacock shown here. In addition, Pryanco’s motor driven chimes could be fitted with two stamped steel cases. Coincidentally, one of the steel cases was branded as the “Beverly” which was the same name marketed by Rittenhouse for a three note resonator chime starting in 1940.

This chime was mechanically restored by ElectraChime. The center mirror is a reversible modern addition. The original patina on the bells and cover were preserved.


ManufacturerPryne & Company
Location of Manufacturer1245 E. 334 Street, Los Angeles, California
Date of Manufacture1938 estimated
MaterialsCast Aluminum Cover. Brass Bells.
Dimensions9 3/4 inches wide, 58 1/2 inches tall.

And here is the spectacular Pryanco Peacock in it’s equally spectacular new home:

Pryanco Westminster Door Chime in Niche

And here’s what the new owner had to say:

“The doorbell with its beautiful chimes resonate wonderfully through the house. I have been known to go outside and ring the bell and run back in just to stand and listen to them. And then I do it again! Guests never fail to comment on the sound and how pretty the bell itself is. It truly looks like a work of art.”