Rittenhouse Sentinel

Rittenhouse Sentinel Model 365 The Sentinel leveraged the design work of Norman Bel Geddes for the 2nd Generation Beverly Musical Chime. Described in a 1950s Rittenhouse Catalog: The Sentinel  – High style and performance at a moderate price. This model is available either with … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Dorset

Rittenhouse Dorset Model 312 The Rittenhouse Dorset was a successful post-war resonator door chime. This door chime was designed for Rittenhouse by Norman Bel Geddes. Described in the Rittenhouse Catalog: Norman Bel Geddes has created a sure-to-be popular favorite in … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Lyric

Rittenhouse Sheraton and Lyric III Tubular Door Chime Models 318 The Rittenhouse Sheraton, designed by Norman Bel Geddes, became one of the most successful post-war long bell door chimes. The basic chime design was marketed first as the Sheraton and … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Windsor

Rittenhouse Windsor Doorbell Chime The Rittenhouse Windsor dates to the early 1940s and features a vertical brass wheat-shaped medallion common to other Rittenhouse chimes of the period. The design is attributed to Norman Bel Geddes. Unique to this chime is a relatively … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Sheffield

Rittenhouse Sheffield Model 410 Rittenhouse’s entry level four-note Westminster doorbell chime in the mid 1950s was the Sheffield Model 410. The Sheffield incorporated the Rittenhouse Rhythm Master. This timing mechanism was employed in order to keep to a competitive price … Continue reading