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Rittenhouse Dorset

Rittenhouse Dorset Model 312

Rittenhouse Dorset Door Chime by Norman Bel Geddes

Rittenhouse Dorset by Norman Bel Geddes-1946

The Rittenhouse Dorset was a successful post-war resonator door chime. This door chime was designed for Rittenhouse by Norman Bel Geddes. Described in the Rittenhouse Catalog:

Norman Bel Geddes has created a sure-to-be popular favorite in this delightful chime, housed in beautiful ivory plastic. Two-notes sound for the from door, one for rear. Brushed brass finished tubes set off its beauty: designed for small homes and apartments. Operates on standard doorbell transformer.

The Dorset used the ultra-reliable “Rittenhouse Floating Striker mechanism.”