Art Deco Sunburst

Art Deco Sunburst Unknown Maker This art deco chime was found in neglected condition in a 1930s Tucson, Arizona home. Sadly, the mechanism suffered some misfortune leaving it in need of a complete rebuild. The paint slop was removed from … Continue reading

Art Deco Urn

Art Deco Urn 1938 Presumed to be by Pryanco This restored chime is original to an Oakland, California house constructed in 1938. The maker is presumed to be  Pryanco since the mechanism is of near identical construction as other Pryanco two-note … Continue reading

Edwards Colonial Tubular Doorbell

Edwards Colonial Tubular Door Chime Model 1450 This patriotic themed door chime was designed by Lurelle Guild for Edwards and Company in 1941. Edwards featured the Colonial in advertising with Irene Dunne “in her Hollywood home.” Mr. Guilds other designs … Continue reading

Mell-o-Chime Aristocrat

Mell-O-Chime Aristocrat Door Chime Model 311 This Mell-o-Chime doorbell is a an Art Deco sister chime to the Mell-o-Chime Stylist and Longfellow Apollo.  These chimes share a large number of internal and external components and materials, including bakelite covers and identical mechanism. A … Continue reading

Mello Chime Harmony

Mello Chime Harmony De Luxe. This door chime features high Art Deco styling. It is also a fascinating example of an early chime that employs two tone bars to sound a single chord by striking two harmonized tone bars. This … Continue reading


Sears’ Doorbells Ring-In Post War Prosperity Following the War, America was optimistic. Returning service men started families in record numbers. Suburbs with millions of new homes sprang up everywhere. American industry was the envy of the world. And Sears was … Continue reading

Telechime Aristocrat

Telechime Aristocrat Model 446 The Telechime Aristocrat is an elaborate musical door chime manufactured by General Kontrolor of Dayton, Ohio. This chime plays a series of unique melodies each time a caller pushes the doorbell. Up to eight different four-note … Continue reading