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Art Deco Sunburst

Art Deco Sunburst Unknown Maker

Art Deco Sunburst. ~1935. Maker unknown.

This art deco chime was found in neglected condition in a 1930s Tucson, Arizona home. Sadly, the mechanism suffered some misfortune leaving it in need of a complete rebuild. The paint slop was removed from the cast zinc chassis and masonite terminal block. A solenoid coil, plunger, strikers and spring were fitted to replace the lost originals. The coiled resistor for the second door was rewound and the terminals have been rebuilt with a period correct and more robust scheme for connecting the wires. The homeowner appropriately opted to retain the original patina for the cover and bells.

The only marking found is a figure “4” cast into the mechanism so the maker remains a mystery. The cast mechanism resembles others made by California Manufacturers including Maas, American Art Metal and C.Vincent. In particular, the serrations cast in the arms that suspend the bells resemble those used for a Maas chime.

Please contact the doorbell museum if you have any further information about this chime.

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