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Art Deco Urn

Art Deco Urn 1938 Presumed to be by Pryanco

Art Deco Urn Long Bell Door Chime Presumed to be Pryanco  ~1938

Art Deco Urn ~1938

This restored chime is original to an Oakland, California house constructed in 1938. The maker is presumed to be ¬†Pryanco¬†since the mechanism is of near identical construction as other Pryanco two-note chimes. The cover is secured with the same scheme as other Pryanco chimes. There was no evidence of a Pryanco Decal or other branding on this chime’s cover or mechanism. This chime may have been in bulk to a builder or sold under a private label. Unlike other Pryanco products, this chime has only a two-note facility for a single door.

Pryanco was a large supplier of door chimes in the Western United States before being absorbed by Rittenhouse in the 1950s.

Please contact the doorbell museum if you have any further information about this chime.

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