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Mello Chime Harmony

Mello Chime Harmony De Luxe.

Mello Chime Harmony Door Chime 1939

Mello Chime Harmony 1939

This door chime features high Art Deco styling. It is also a fascinating example of an early chime that employs two tone bars to sound a single chord by striking two harmonized tone bars. This feature was common to doorbells from Mello Chime, and possibly other manufacturers in the 1930s.

Both solenoids are actuated simultaneously when the doorbell button is pushed. The chime relies on gravity to return the solenoid armatures to the at rest position. Some contemporary, and most future door chimes play the two bars in succession to produce a “ding-dong” melody. The manufacturers of this chime felt a single chord was more pleasing. The Harmony De Luxe was described in a period chime catalog as follows:

Beautiful double harmony tone, striking tenor and baratone notes simultaneously. Perfect Resonance.

ManufacturerMello Chime sometimes known as Mello Chimes
Location of ManufacturerChicago, Illinois
Date of Manufacture1939
MaterialsLithography steel cover, Steel base. Iron tone bars.
Dimensions8 inches wide, 5 3/4 inches tall, 1 3/4 inches deep