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Friedland Seville

V.&E. Friedland Seville Model 301

Friedland Seville 1972

The Friedland Seville is a minimally designed later mid-century compact door chime.

The chime was described in the 1977 Friedland catalog:

301 Seville Bright orange disc ‘floats’ on a matt black plaque giving the chime a crisp bold look. Has built in resonating chambers. Two-note signal for operation from one push ony. Four 1 1/2 volt ‘Baby’ batteries can be fitted inside the chime.

The Seville shares the “floating disk” styling with other Friedland chimes including the Warbler and Maestro.

Manufacturer Friedland
Location of Manufacture Stockport, England
Date of Manufacture 1972
Cover Styrene Plastic with raised Disk
Mechanism Styrene Plastic
Resonators Plastic
Tone bars Painted steel
Height 6 3/4 inches
Width 6 3/4 inches
Depth 2 inches
Notes ElectraChime Collection. Unused condition in original box.

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