Friedland Warbler T585

Friedland Warbler T585 Circa 1969 This late Mid-Century Door Chime has minimalist style. Friedland’s “Warbler” door chimes take their name from the vocal songbirds. Warbler Chimes sound a repeating tone for the main door. As with typical “ding-dong” doorbells, when the pushbutton is … Continue reading

Tudor Revival Long Bell

Elecrto Door-Chime Supertone Tudor Revival Long Bell Vintage Door Chime This Tudor Revival style vintage tubular door chime wears a wonderful, and entirely appropriate patina from years of service in a home in the hills above the University of California, … Continue reading

Mello Chime Harmony

Mello Chime Harmony De Luxe. This door chime features high Art Deco styling. It is also a fascinating example of an early chime that employs two tone bars to sound a single chord by striking two harmonized tone bars. This … Continue reading

Mystery Musical Door Chime

Mystery Musical Door Chime with Unique Mechanism. At first glance, this vintage doorbell is rather unremarkable. However, when you look at the mechanism, there is a sequencer unit underneath a metal dust cover. Underneath that housing is a unique sequencer … Continue reading