V. & E. Friedland Maestro

V.&E. Friedland – General Electric Maestro Door Chime with Vibrato Resonance The Friedland-General Electric Maestro door chime plays an eight-note Westminster sequence with a “Vibrato Resonance” feature unique to this chime. The styling is a tasteful later mid-century treatment. The … Continue reading

Friedland York 1975

Friedland York Model Tubular Doorbell Model C963 Circa 1975 This petite Long Bell Door Chime features unusual square bells. This chime was imported from England by General Electric for the US market in a partnership with V. & E. Friedland. … Continue reading

Friedland Seville

V.&E. Friedland Seville Model 301 The Friedland Seville is a minimally designed later mid-century compact door chime. The chime was described in the 1977 Friedland catalog: 301 Seville Bright orange disc ‘floats’ on a matt black plaque giving the chime … Continue reading

Friedland Warbler T585

Friedland Warbler T585 Circa 1969 This late Mid-Century Door Chime has minimalist style. Friedland’s “Warbler” door chimes take their name from the vocal songbirds. Warbler Chimes sound a repeating tone for the main door. As with typical “ding-dong” doorbells, when the pushbutton is … Continue reading

Bakelite Doorbell Repair

Repairing a Vintage Bakelite Doorbell Cover This much loved door chime case had fallen on hard times. Literally. One too many tumbles to the hardwood floor had rendered the case unsightly and it no longer stayed fixed to the mechanism. … Continue reading

Historic Sears Doorbells

The History of Doorbells in Sears Catalogs 1896 to 1993 Sears Catalogs were the “internet superstore” for much of the last century. Sears’ “Big Book” catalogs along with brick and mortar stores likely made the giant retailer the largest single … Continue reading