Edwards Claridge

Edwards Claridge Model C-50, C-51 The Edwards Claridge was descibed in their 1956 Catalog: THE TASTEFULLY MODERN CLARIDGE Now you can have the luxury of the fabled Westminster melody in a modern walnut cabinet. Available with or without Telechron motored … Continue reading

Edwards Junior 590

Edwards Junior 590 The Junior Chimes were Edwards least expensive offerings in 1939. They were offered in a number of cover styles nearly identical to those available with long bell chimes and resonators. Thus, the line could be expanded vertically … Continue reading

Edwards Duncan Phyfe

Edwards Duncan Phyfe Model 524 The Lyre was one of several chimes from Edwards to fit various decors. All shared a common mechanism, bells and stamped housing differing only in the cover finish and ornamentation. All were available as two-entrance … Continue reading

Leader by Edwards

Leader by Edwards 534 This modestly styled chime was part of Edwards‘ Leader Line of Chimes. This chime rings two notes for the front door and a single note for a second door. Available with a Bronze painted shield as … Continue reading

Edwards Cantebury

Edwards Canterbury Clock Door Chime The Canterbury was Edwards top of the line chime in the mid 1950s. Described as follows in a 1956 Catalog: THE FABULOUS CANTERBURY. Here is the outstanding chime among the door chimes. A beautiful rubbed … Continue reading

Edwards Bolero III Vibrechord

Edwards Bolero III Vibrechord Doorbell Chime Model C-28 Edwards Bolero was available in two different styles. The conventional two-door models C-20 in White and Chrome and the C-21 in Ebony and Brass. The C-20 and C-21 featured a conventional “ding-dong” … Continue reading

Edwards Colonial Tubular Doorbell

Edwards Colonial Tubular Door Chime Model 1450 This patriotic themed door chime was designed by Lurelle Guild for Edwards and Company in 1941. Edwards featured the Colonial in advertising with Irene Dunne “in her Hollywood home.” Mr. Guilds other designs … Continue reading

Edwards Sylvan C-26

Edwards Sylvan C-26 on Robert Kayton Display The deep lustre of a piano-like finish and the highlighting of delicate grain patterns accentuate the beauty of these fine woods. Gold finished side grilles complete an outstanding chime case that is smart and … Continue reading

1957 Blue Resonator

1957 Blue Resonator This chime dates to June of 1957. Although there are no maker’s marks, it is purported to be marketed by Madison. The inspection mark is identical to those found on Edwards chimes of the 1950s and the … Continue reading