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Edwards Duncan Phyfe

Edwards Lyre Model 524

Edwards Lyre 524 ~1940

The Lyre was one of several chimes from Edwards to fit various decors. All shared a common mechanism, bells and stamped housing differing only in the cover finish and ornamentation. All were available as two-entrance or single-entrance models. The Lyre was model 524 for two entrances (shown here) and model 525 for a one entrance version. The Lyre featured a mahogany finish with a brass ornament and was described in the 1940 Edwards Chime Catalog:

A TRUE Empire mahogany finish with the familiar Lyre-and-Spray casting in brass. The tubes are rich polished brass. as pleasing and graceful as a Duncan Phyfe chair.

The other entries in this line were:

  • Georgian styled “Sheraton” Models 536, 537
  • Early American Styled “Town Crier” Models 520, 521
  • Empire styled “Hitchcock” Models 526, 527

The similarity in name and ornament of the Sheraton and Lyre to the Rittenhouse Sheraton and Lyric models is notable. It should be further noted this Edwards line predates the Rittenhouse offerings by more than a decade.