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Edwards Claridge

Edwards Claridge Model C-50, C-51

Edwards Clairidge Musical Long Bell Door Chime 1955

Edwards Claridge Door Chime. 1955

The Edwards Claridge was descibed in their 1956 Catalog:

THE TASTEFULLY MODERN CLARIDGE Now you can have the luxury of the fabled Westminster melody in a modern walnut cabinet. Available with or without Telechron motored clock. Three signals: 8 note melody, 2 more note and single note.

Like other Westminster Chimes in the Edwards line, the bells are arranged in a signature “inverse skyscraper” pattern with the longest bell hung second from left instead of the more conventional graduated arrangement favored by almost all other manufacturers.

These chimes use a microswitch to achieve a two-note signal for a rear or side door. When the two-note button is depressed, the solenoid plunger strikes the far right (number four) bell. When the button is released, the plunger recoils by means of a spring momentarily closing a micro-switch to energize the solenoid and activate the plunger for the number one bell, thus completing the ding-dong call. A single note may be struck by pressing a third button. These Edwards chimes make no provision for servant calls.

The Claridge chime, sans clock, was produced as the C-50 with a walnut case and C-51 in limed oak like the contemporary Edwards Sylvan. The oak example shown here has a natural finish and may have been an earlier production model as the label was apparently adapted from a C50 label with a rubber-stamped model number.

The covers are identified as products of the Jasper Wood Products Co. Inc. An August 28, 1960 Indiana Star Magazine article profiled the Jasper Family of Companies highlighting their skill in design, bent plywood, veneer manufacture and application along with their finishing skills. In fact, the town of Jasper is often referred to as the “Wood Capital of the World.” This evidence makes it highly likely Edwards contracted with Jasper for these wooden covers.

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  1. I have an Edwards Tubular Door chime in full operational condition in my house. I restored the case and the finish on the 4 chime rods. It has a mahogany case with a clock that strikes on the hour in addition to the front door Westminster chime. I love it and receive compliments every time a visitor comes to the door.

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