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Edwards Junior 590

Edwards Junior 590

Edwards Colonial Junior Compact Door Chime 1941 Model 590

Edwards Colonial Junior ~1939

The Junior Chimes were Edwards least expensive offerings in 1939. They were offered in a number of cover styles nearly identical to those available with long bell chimes and resonators. Thus, the line could be expanded vertically with minimal engineering and design changes. The Junior covers hid the inner workings with just acoustic windows at the top and bottom while the long-bell and Xylochime (resonator) covers were necessarily open at the bottom for the tubes or resonators.

From the 1941 “Smart Homes use Edwards Chimes” Catalog:

JUNIOR CHIMES utilize bars instead of tubes, their notes are true and resonant. The volume of sound is satisfactory for small apartments, bungalows, offices. The 2 Entrance types sound two different sequence notes for one signal and a single note for a second signal. The single entrance types sound the sequence notes only.

Several different models were offered differing only in their colors and decals. The example displayed here is the Model 590, identified on the shipping carton as the Colonial, which would be superseded by the 1941 Edwards Long Bell Colonial.

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