NuTone L36 Elite Clock-Chime

NuTone L36 Elite “Built-In” Clock-Chime The L36 Elite was introduced in 1958 as NuTone’s first recessed clock-chime. The anodized aluminum clock face featured a series of 48 holes with four between each red and/or black five minute divisions. These holes … Continue reading

Progress Mid-Century Clock-Chime

  Progress Mid-Century Recessed Clock-Chime The Progress E-14 recessed clock-chime represents a transitional period in door chimes. The mid-century-modern aesthetic relied heavily on built-in appliances and the more mundane home necessities were often hidden. In this example, an atomic style … Continue reading

Rittenhouse Chime-Time

Rittenhouse Mid-Century Clock Doorbell This space age offering from Rittenhouse packs is a door chime and clock with a most appropriate name. A space-age design with the lines of a flying saucer or satelite. Described in a 1960 hardware catalog … Continue reading

Music Box Westminster Chime

A Wind-up Westminster Door Chime This is a wind-up door chime that plays a Westminster Melody on a music box mechanism when the doorbell button is pushed. The music box mechanism was manufactured by Gueissaz-Jaccaro in Switzerland. The Hop-A-Tune Westminster … Continue reading

Clothes Dryer Door Chime

How Dry I Am Musical Chime How Dry I Am was a portion of the lyrics of a tune written by Irving Berlin in 1919. This chime plays that melody and once signaled the end of the dryer cycle on … Continue reading

Newtone Mechanical Long Bell Door Chime

Newtone Mechanical Long Bell Door Chime This unique door chime from Australia is the only known non-electric long bell door chime. Another feature unique to this chime, and required by it’s intended mounting on the back of a door or … Continue reading

Nutone Dinner Chime

Nutone “Chimette” Table Dinner Chimes Dinner chimes were a forerunner and contemporary of door chimes, and are still in use today. They were commonly used on railroads to announce the availability of table service on dining cars. This example is … Continue reading