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Rittenhouse Kitchen Beauty Clock-Chime


Rittenhouse Kitchen Beauty Clock Chime

Rittenhouse Kitchen Beauty Clock-Chime.

Rittenhouse Kitchen Beauty ~1952

The Kitchen Beauty Clock-Chime from Rittenhouse was a partnership with the Sessions Clock Company. The clock face is co-branded. The clock was most likely designed by Sessions and Rittenhouse later adapted a resonator chime to fit the space around the mechanism.

The Kitchen Beauty chime operates on 10 volts from a transformer while the clockworks require 110 volt house current furnished through a standard two-prong plug and cord.

The Kitchen Beauty was described in a 1952 Trade Catalog:

Combination Door Chime and Kitchen Clock in one compact Unit. This model combines a self-starting Sessions electric clock with a melodious 2-note chime for front door signal. A single note is also available for the rear door. Clock operates on 110 volts AC; chime on 10-volt doorbell transformer. One-piece, easy-to-clean, attractive plastic housing. In White, Red, Green or Yellow. An ideal gift item.


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