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Half Round – Maker Unknown

 Half-Round Unknown Maker

Half Round Longbell Door Chime Maker Unknown

Half-Round Maker Unknown ~1940

This modest long chime doorbell is from an unknown maker. rings two notes for the front door on two bells. The case is half round like the TeleChime Announcer. This doorbell has much in common with the Mello-Chyme Door Call. It shares the horizontal ridged brass banding and crinkle paint finish with the Mello-Chyme.

Please contact the Doorbell Museum if you have any insight into the origin of this chime.

2 thoughts on “Half Round – Maker Unknown”

  1. Hi, I have this beautiful doorbell and it is currently only half chiming (the plunger does not seem to be hitting left). It has always worked beautifully, we brought it from our previous home and we just rehung it after having sat for a little over six years. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for getting it working again. I am afraid to use oil on the plunger/spring mechanism for fear of damaging it. Thank you very much for your time and any assistance you have to offer. Most sincerely, Stacey

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