General Kontrolar Telechime Announcer

Tele chime Announcer 1935

Tele chime Announcer 1935

This handsome doorbell from TeleChime is among the earliest long bell door chimes in the Museum. This was serviced for the new owners of a New Jersey home where it was part of the 1935 original construction. The owners wanted to keep the chime’s rich patina, so only mechanical repairs were made.
This chime was manufactured by Telechime and is believed to be a first generation Telechime Annunciator. Two United States patents issued in 1933 are referenced on the label.  1,924,395 and 1,960,079. These two patents are for more complex multi-note musical chimes. A  examination of the claims made for patent 1,924,395 reveals that the unusual hexagon shaped plunger found in this chime, is covered by the patent”

The body portion of the plunger is preferably of modified hexagonal form, or equivalent shape, with the edge portions rounded so as to give several substantial points of contact or sliding engagement with the tube with which it forma a rather close, but sliding fit.

Mysteriously, the patent claim does not mention the reduction in friction that would result from the modified hexagon shaped body having less contact with the surrounding cylinder than typical, round solenoid plungers. Neither does the patent claim a lower propensity to seize or become gummed up with accumulated dust deposits than round plungers.

General Kontrolar doorbells were high quality, although expensive chimes. Consequently, few were sold, and fewer remain. If you have a TeleChime Doorbell and would like to share a photo, please contact the Doorbell Museum.

ManufacturerGeneral Kontrolar Telechime Division
Location of ManufacturerDayton, Ohio
Date of Manufacture1935
MaterialsPainted steel case, brass trim, brass bells
Dimensions7 1/2 inches wide, 41 inches tall, 3 inches deep

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