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Rittenhouse Concord Model 612

Rittenhouse Concord with Model 612 Mechanism

Rittenhouse Concord Westminster Door Chime ~1954

Rittenhouse Concord Westminster Door Chime ~1954

The Rittenhouse Concord was a musical doorbell chime clock styled for a mid-century aesthetic. Marketed from approximately 1954 to 1957, the Concord was relatively short-lived. The Concord was succeeded by the Rittenhouse Trent. Nonetheless, it remains a handsome chime with a Telechron-motored electric clock.

The Concord was available in an eight-note and four-note configuration with a choice of wood cases.

The model 612, shown here, employed a reliable rotary sequencer to sound an eight note Westminster peal. The model 610 played four notes using a later model Rittenhouse Rhythm Master sequencer.

Both were described in Rittenhouse Marketing Materials as follows:

Concord—Model 612. Superb clock-chime sounds 8-note Westminster signal for front door, single note for rear. Solid cherry or blond cabinet. Telechron powered clock. Model 610—as above, but 4-note chime.

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