Rittenhouse Trent

Rittenhouse Trent

Rittenhouse Trent Westminster Door Chime 1956

Rittenhouse Trent Westminster Door Chime 1956

The Rittenhouse Trent is a Mid-Century Westminster door chime designed by Jean Otis Reinecke (1909-1987) and introduced in 1956. Reinecke is best known for cutting edge designs for a variety of products including Toastmaster toasters and the ubiquitous plastic scotch tape dispenser for 3M.

His work for Rittenhouse was described in marketing materials as:

Modern, functional, simplicity styled by Jean O. Reinecke, national known leader of contemporary design. 

The Trent was described as:

Trent: New modestly priced hall clock chime of superb quality. Contemporary design by Reinecke. Cabinet available in ebony, rich walnut or limed oak finishes. Both chime and self-starting Telechron clock operate from 24-volt transformer, included. Provides 8-note Westminster melody for front entrance, single-note for rear and different single-note for third door. Volume control and shut-off switch. “lifetime Floating Striker Mechanism. 

Manufacturer Rittenhouse Company, Inc.
Location of Manufacture Honeoye Falls, New York, USA
Date of Manufacture 1956
Cover Limed Oak
Bells Brass
Height 57 inches
Width 9.5 inches
Depth 4.125 inches
Notes ElectraChime Collection. Original Condition


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  1. My mom has a Rittenhouse Trent Clock which I assume to be from 1964 or so. While the clock is no longer keeping accurate time, the doorbell works perfectly.

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