Edwards Claridge

Edwards Claridge Model C-50, C-51 The Edwards Claridge was descibed in their 1956 Catalog: THE TASTEFULLY MODERN CLARIDGE Now you can have the luxury of the fabled Westminster melody in a modern walnut cabinet. Available with or without Telechron motored … Continue reading

Cam-Driven Westminster Door Chime 1936

Cam-Driven Westminster Door Chime 1936 This chime features the same unique cam-driven strike scheme patented by Edwin G. Anderson of San Diego, California in 1934. This chime is presumed to be a derivative of the earlier chime since many features … Continue reading

Pryanco Moderne

Pryanco Moderne with Model 305 Mechanism This Pryanco Moderne Chime was an original fixture in a home built by a successful Nevada businessman in the 1940s. Until recently, the home was the residence for the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese … Continue reading