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Pryanco Moderne

Pryanco Moderne with Model 305 Mechanism

Pryanco Moderne Door Chime ~ 1938

Pryanco Moderne Door Chime ~ 1938

This Pryanco Moderne Chime was an original fixture in a home built by a successful Nevada businessman in the 1940s. Until recently, the home was the residence for the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Nevada. At some point, likely in the 1980s, this chime was removed from service and replaced with a wireless electronic chime. The Church sold the home and furnishings in December of 2016. Fortunately, the Moderne was saved from the auctioneers gavel having been sequestered behind a wooden grille. When found by the new homeowners, the chime was in need of some mechanical attention although cosmetically well preserved.

The Moderne was introduced by Pryanco in the late 1930s and sold again briefly after World War 2 before Pryne’s doorbell business was acquired by Rittenhouse.

An early newspaper photograph promoting Pryanco four tube chimes specifies a novel use for the individual chime notes to summon different members of a family by means of a remote control located adjacent to the chime unit. More commonly, chime manufacturers marketed the facility to play individual notes as a means to summon servants.

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