Morphy Richards Salisbury 1964

Morphy Richards Salisbury Door Chime 1964 This mid-century chime has clean lines,a pearlescent painted cover and a simple brass crown ornament. Manufactured by Morphy-Richards in England, the Salisbury is described Ina 1964 pocket catalog: SALISBURY The lacquered brass tubes produce … Continue reading

Friedland York 1975

Friedland York Model Tubular Doorbell Model C963 Circa 1975 This petite Long Bell Door Chime features unusual square bells. This chime was imported from England by General Electric for the US market in a partnership with V. & E. Friedland. … Continue reading

Friedland Door Chime Radio Commercial

Australian Radio Commercial for Friedland Door Chimes 1964 (Chime sound) “Ding-Dong” (Woman singing) Welcome. That’s the cheerful way, the friendly way, to welcome your guests every day, with the happy sound of a Friedland Door Chime. (Chime sound) “Ding-Dong” (Man speaking) Give a … Continue reading

Friedland Warbler T585

Friedland Warbler T585 Circa 1969 This late Mid-Century Door Chime has minimalist style. Friedland’s “Warbler” door chimes take their name from the vocal songbirds. Warbler Chimes sound a repeating tone for the main door. As with typical “ding-dong” doorbells, when the pushbutton is … Continue reading