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Friedland York 1991 Minimalist Tubular Door Chime

Friedland York 1991 Minimalist Tubular Door Chime

Friedland minimalist tubular door chime ~1991

Simplicity defines this petite two-bell tubular chime which was manufactured by V.E. Friedland in approximately 1991. This chime rings “ding-dong” for the front door with no facility for a single door. This was obtained from England.

The only markings are warnings against oiling the solenoid:

* Nicht Oilen
* Do Not Oil
* Na Pas Huiler

This may have been made in West Germany since that is the language of the first stacked warning.

This chime has filament bell suspension loops similar to the Friedland York Chime C963. Unlike the York, this chime features two parallel tines directly below the molded nubs from which the bells hang. This “filament stabilizer” presumably prevents the bells from either from the strike or from drafts within the home.

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