C.Vincent Mell-O-Chime Tubular Doorbell

C. Vincent Mell-o-Chime The C. Vincent Mell-O-Chime features a medievel style. This chime is as found, although the cover most likely sported a two tone bronze and brass painted finish. Marked “Mell-O-Chime” and “Mfg. by C.Vincent Alameda” This chime is … Continue reading

Harmony “Mayflower”

Harmony “Mayflower” Door Chime This chime is from the Harmony Manufacturing Company of Los Angeles, another California company. This early door chime has a prominent ceramic emblem that looks like the Mayflower of Plymouth Rock fame. The strikers have leather … Continue reading

Alhambra Model 199

Alhambra Model 199 Tubular Door Chime Alhambra was another California manufacturer of door chimes with factory and office in San Gabriel California. Alhambra is verified to have been producing long bell door chimes as early as 1935. This model 199 … Continue reading

Maas Tubular Door Chime

Maas Vintage Tubular Doorbell Circa 1935 This chime was manufactured by Maas in Southern California. The Maas-Rowe company of San Diego, California continues to this day manufacturing Carillons for bell towers and Cathedral Chimes, primarily aimed at the Church market. … Continue reading

DeValera Longbell

DeValera Long Chime Doorbell This vintage doorbell¬† is from DeVelera, a regional manufacturer based in New York City. This example was transplanted from it’s original East Coast home to California in the 1970s where it is in service to this … Continue reading