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DeValera Longbell

DeValera Long Chime Doorbell

Delvalera Vintage Doorbell Long Tubes

This vintage doorbell  is from DeVelera, a regional manufacturer based in New York City. This example was transplanted from it’s original East Coast home to California in the 1970s where it is in service to this day. The current owner provided the photos after viewing the DeValera Compact Chime.

This chime features uniquely engraved bells with a repeating pattern. This chimes shares many mechanism components with other DeValera Door Chimes.

DeValera door chime cover with musical note motifWell made early door chime with unique engraved bells Address at 1945 Park Avenue in Manhattan
Location of ManufacturerNew York, New York
Date of ManufactureEstimated 1935
MaterialsBrass cover. Brass bells. Wood base and wood striker.
Dimensions6 3/4 inches wide, 39 inches tall, 2 3/4 inches deep