Sanyo Fan 8

Sanyo Fan 8 Transitor Chime The Sanyo Fan 8 door chime from Japan is a unique musical door chime that employs a combination of mechanical and electronic technologies. When activated by the push of a button, a cylinder rotates causing … Continue reading

Morphy Richards Salisbury 1964

Morphy Richards Salisbury Door Chime 1964 This mid-century chime has clean lines,a pearlescent painted cover and a simple brass crown ornament. Manufactured by Morphy-Richards in England, the Salisbury is described Ina 1964 pocket catalog: SALISBURY The lacquered brass tubes produce … Continue reading

Morphy Richards Clydon T.U. 100

Morphy Richards Clydon Chime Morphy-Richards is a leading marketer of appliances in the the UK best known for electric kettles, blankets and light-weight clothes irons. In the 1950s Morphy-Richards marketed the Clydon Line of door chimes including the T.U.100 long … Continue reading

Friedland York 1975

Friedland York Model Tubular Doorbell Model C963 Circa 1975 This petite Long Bell Door Chime features unusual square bells. This chime was imported from England by General Electric for the US market in a partnership with V. & E. Friedland. … Continue reading

Friedland Door Chime Radio Commercial

Australian Radio Commercial for Friedland Door Chimes 1964 (Chime sound) “Ding-Dong” (Woman singing) Welcome. That’s the cheerful way, the friendly way, to welcome your guests every day, with the happy sound of a Friedland Door Chime. (Chime sound) “Ding-Dong” (Man speaking) Give a … Continue reading

Edwards Sylvan C-26

Edwards Sylvan C-26 on Robert Kayton Display The deep lustre of a piano-like finish and the highlighting of delicate grain patterns accentuate the beauty of these fine woods. Gold finished side grilles complete an outstanding chime case that is smart and … Continue reading


Worthington Elecrtonics Products Thermo-Tone Model TT-1 This unique vintage doorbell chime combined an on-board buzzer that would alert residents of visitors and warn of a potential hazard in the home. All in iconic Mid Century Modern Style. The Thermo-Tone doorbell … Continue reading