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Rittenhouse Onyx Model C8445


Rittenhouse Onyx Model C8445

Rittenhouse Onyx C8455 Telechron Doorbell Chime

Rittenhouse Onyx C8455 1974

Among the last of the TeleChron motor driven Chime Clocks is the Rittenhouse Onyx. This mid, 1970s door chime has minimal lines. The chime mechanism has onboard resonators and a chassis common to many later commodity door chimes. The solenoid unit does have a provision for a transformer wire to provide continuous power for the 16 volt Telechron Clock mechanism. Later clock-chimes employed a battery driven clock mechanism.

As described in the catalog:

Onyx C8455: Black Finish & Gold Trim Introducing a contemporary fashion leader by Rittenhouse. A chic combination of black and gold concealing the Telechron(r) clock movement and the Rittenhouse carefully tuned tone chambers. Rings 2 clear notes for front door; 1 note for rear.


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