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Friedland Big Ben 1965

Friedland Big Ben Model 104

Friedland Big Ben Door Chime Model 104 1965

Friedland Big Ben ~1962

The Big Ben Model 104 Compact Door Chime was part of the revamped Friedland line in the early 1960s. The Big Ben is one of a number of chimes, push buttons and transformers designed by Norman William Stevenson. Like other chimes in the line the Big Ben is of clean lines and economical construction.

Similar to its contemporary sister products, the Big Ben is made of black and white plastic. The aesthetics of these chimes rely on geometric forms in lieu of ornamentation. The Big Ben’s graceful appearance is made possible through the use of “L” shaped tone bars and a vertical solenoid and plunger.

From the 1965 Friedland Catalog:

104 Big Ben The slender cylindrical shape in black and white plastic gives this chime a completely new look. Efficient, low consumption movement. Two note signal. Ideal for flats. Install with a Friedland 752 transformer. Can be used with a 4 1/2 volt battery.

The Big Ben Model 104, along with it’s sister chimes, was featured in a Friedland Radio spot aired in the Australian market

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  1. I have one of these chimes that I found in a box in my attic when I moved into my house, it has a proper distinct mid-pitch ding dong sound (very nice!), never fitted it as it requires a transformer ideally. Very rare to get hold of.

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