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NuTone Futura L16

NuTone Futura L16 (Harmony)

NuTone Futura Mid Century Door Chime 1958

NuTone Futura. 1958

Upon introduction in 1958, this iteration of the NuTone L16 was known as the Harmony. but by 1961 the name was changed to Futura. The Futura would remain in the NuTone catalog until at least 1970. In 1958, the chime was described as follows:

L-16 “Harmony”—Plastic cover, Ivory and Gold or White and Silver. Two notes front door, one note rear door.

Harmony was used by several other manufacturers including previous models from NuTone. NuTone probably changed the name to avoid confusion in the marketplace. Or, perhaps the name was changed to Futura because it better reflected the mid-century aesthetic.

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