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NuTone Budget Chime

NuTone Budget Resonator Chime

NuTone Budget Resonator Door Chime ~1939

NuTone Budget Door Chime ~1939

This early NuTone Chime has a build quality that belies it’s “Budget” designation. Although likely one of the least expensive chimes then in the line, it still features resonator tubes, an elegant embossed emblem and an all steel cover. The Budget rings two notes for the front door and a single note for a second door.

This chime was packed in a box suitable for gift giving or showcase display. The box describes the Budget as a “NuTone Chime Door Signal.”

Manufacturer NuTone Chimes Inc.
Location of Manufacture Cincinatti, Ohio
Date of Manufacture ~1939
Cover Painted, stamped steel with painted stamped aluminum emblem.
Mechanism Painted, stamped steel.
Resonators Painted steel.
Tone bars Painted steel
Height 6 3/4 inches
Width 6 3/4 inches
Depth 2 1/8 inches
Notes ElectraChime Collection. Original, unused condition in original gift box.

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