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Carltone Single Note Resonator Door Chime

Carltone Single Note Resonator Door Chime with Catalin Shield

Carltone Single Note Resonator ~ 1939

This door chime was manufactured by the Carlton Manufacturing Company of Manchester, Connecticut and is most likely a design by Carlton L. McMullen of Hartford, Connecticut. This chime has a unique form.

This chime rings a single note. When the solenoid coil is electrically energized when the button is depressed, the plunger is propelled upwards. When the button is released, the plunger falls and strikes the tone bar inside the resonator chamber then returns to it’s at rest position by means of a spring at the bottom of the plunger sleeve.

This chime shares some components and an identical label with the Carltone Catalin Resonator. The single resonator is painted steel with the same dimensions as the brass plated resonators on the Carlton Catalin double resonator chime. I would date the manufacture of this chime to the same period of approximately 1939.

This chime has painted steel resonators instead of brass plated and was likely designed to meet a budget price point.